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Global Business Magazine Awards

Global Business Magazine awards recognize the top innovators and trendsetters from different industries who are setting the stage for a better tomorrow.

About the Awards

The Global Business Magazine Awards are a prestigious awards honors business innovators, market disrupters, and leaders from all over the world. Global Business Magazine LLC (the “Corporation”), a UAE based publication, organizes the Global Business Magazine Awards to celebrate excellence, extraordinary support, and top performers in a number of industries.

From Fintech companies to Blockchain startups, the publication is trying to recognize top-performing B2B and B2C businesses who are going to disrupt the respective markets by giving excellent service to their customers. Businesses from major nations all around the world will be benefitted from these awards.

The entire awards procedure, which includes the process of Nomination, Selection, and Announcement of Award Winners, is absolutely free.

The Global Business Magazine Awards are an excellent way to recognize your success throughout the year and demonstrate your commitment to promoting growth for the benefit of your clients and customers.

Award Winners

The Award Categories

Our categories highlight the achievements of businesses that contribute to the expansion and development of different markets like Aviation, Banking, Binary options, Blockchain, Broker, Commodities, Corporate governance, CSR, Education, Energy, Export Import, Finance, FinTech, Food & Beverage, Forex, Funds, Healthcare, Hotels & Hospitality, HR & Consulting, Infrastructure, Investment Management, Financial Services, Logistics, Oil & Gas, Green Energy, Insurance, Islamic Finance, Leadership, Lifestyle, Media/PR, Mortgage, Retail, Technology, Telecommunications, Utility, Tourism, Transportation.

For each category, our expert team does thorough research on different aspects like product development, customer acquisition activities, business growth activities, innovation, customer support, business expansion, etc. 

The publication is focusing on growing markets that are going to shape the world’s future for a better human being living. If your business falls into one of these criteria, take advantage of this opportunity by participating in these awards and show the excellence and commitment of your business to disrupt the market.

Explore our Award categories below 👇

Technology Awards

Technology is the future of the universe. Global Business Magazine's Technology Awards recognize the businesses who are shaping the world through cutting-edge technology using their products and services.

Leadership Awards

Without a good leader it’s difficult to grow any business. The goal of leadership awards is to recognize outstanding leaders. It’s a great opportunity for C-suite professionals to get recognition in the global market.

Financial Awards

Global Business Magazine values the importance of businesses working in the banking, fintech sectors. Financial awards is a one small step from us to give recognition to these businesses.

Insurance Awards

The purpose of this award is to honor businesses in the insurance industry that focus on social responsibilities and are shaping the global market with their holistic approach.

Banking Awards

In its Banking Awards, Global Business Magazine identifies outstanding banks on the global market that have innovated banking services and products that can be considered trendsetters within their industries.

Transportation Awards

Transportation is the key factor in the economical growth of any country. Global Business Magazine's Transportation Awards recognize the businesses who are doing exceptional work in their respective market.

Utility Awards

Utility Awards by Global Business Magazine honors the businesses around the world who are helping and shaping the lives of millions of individuals through their innovative and game-changing products and services.

Telecom Awards

Telecommunication awards are intended to recognize the contributions made by telecom industry players. Check out our multiple award categories by clicking on the link below.

Brokerage Awards

Brokerage industry is changing rapidly in today’s competitive world. Global Business Magazine Brokerage Awards are presented to those companies that demonstrate consistent customer engagement and value.

Healthcare Awards

The healthcare industry is one of the world's largest and fastest-growing industries. The Healthcare Awards aims to recognise outstanding businesses in the global market who are helping and shaping the lives of people in their industry.

Real Estate Awards

By giving real estate awards, Global Business Magazine recognizes and honors firms and individuals who provide excellent service, are committed to customer satisfaction, and are innovative in their practices. The nomination is open for a limited time.

Who Should Participate

Participation is open to senior management and executives from the Banking, FinTech, Insurance, Mortgage, Blockchain, Export Import, Investment Management, Financial Services, Logistics, Oil & Gas, Green Energy, Aviation, Binary options, Broker, Commodities, Corporate governance, CSR, Education, Energy, Finance, Food & Beverage, Forex, Funds, Healthcare, Hotels & Hospitality, HR & Consulting, Infrastructure, Islamic Finance, Leadership, Lifestyle, Media/PR, Reatil, Technology, Telecommunications, Utility, Tourism, Transportation, Others, mostly based in Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America.

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