Al Ansari Exchange partners with Fazaa to Drive Social Impact and Elevate Customer Experience

Al Ansari Exchange partners with Fazaa to Drive Social Impact and Elevate Customer Experience

Al Ansari Financial Services on Wednesday announced that its subsidiary Al Ansari Exchange, the largest outward personal remittance and foreign exchange company in the UAE, entered into a strategic partnership with Fazaa, a social initiative which aims to develop social interdependence and maintain effective bonds of solidarity within the UAE community.

In a filing with Dubai Financial Market (DFM), where its shares are traded, the company said that this partnership will aid in improving the overall customer experience and extend exclusive benefits to individuals affiliated with the Fazaa social initiative.

As part of this joint venture, Al Ansari Exchange will offer discounts on products and special benefits on remittances. These benefits are designed to provide added value to Fazaa members who rely on Al Ansari Exchange’s services for their travel and remittance needs.

Rashed A Al Ansari, Group CEO of Al Ansari Financial Services, said that with a shared goal of enhancing the overall customer experience, this collaboration aims to create synergies between the two organisations and bring added value to its esteemed mutual customers.

“We are excited to provide Fazaa cardholders with an array of enhanced privileges, including exclusive discounts and seasonal benefits, reinforcing our commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences,” he added.

Lt Col Ahmad Buharun Al Shamsi, General Director of the Social Solidarity Fund for employees of Ministry of Interior, and Executive Director of Fazaa, highlighted the fund’s commitment to fortifying partnerships that will enhance the quality of life of the UAE community.

This will be achieved by widening and diversifying the network of individuals who are benefiting from the innovative Takaful services provided by Fazaa, he said.

“In addition, the partnership with Al Ansari Exchange is part of Fazaa’s goals to deliver its members and cardholders with services that help them lead a fulfilling life, thus contributing towards achieving social stability and promoting community security,” Al Shamsi added.

The Fazaa programme is a supportive initiative provided by the Social Solidarity Fund for the Ministry of Interior’s staff. Its key objectives are to develop social interdependence and foster bonds of solidarity within the UAE community while delivering a comprehensive array of exclusive and diverse services to its members.

Al Ansari Exchange is recognised for its extensive network of branches across the UAE, delivering convenient and reliable services to individuals and businesses alike. On the other hand, Fazaa is a commendable social endeavour that actively nurtures social interdependence and fosters a sense of solidarity within the UAE.

Through this collaboration, Al Ansari Exchange and Fazaa demonstrate the significance of cooperation and mutual support within the UAE, setting an example for other entities to make meaningful contributions to society while supporting their valued customers.

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