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Atom Bank implemented a four-day workweek with no reduction in pay!

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Atom Bank has implemented a four-day workweek for all of its employees while not reducing pay. Atom Bank announced on Tuesday that all 430 employees will begin working a new four-day week on November 1, allowing them to work 34 hours over four days rather than 37.5 hours over five days.

The majority of the staff chose to work four days a week, with Mondays and Fridays off and a three-day weekend.

Workers will, however, be required to work an extra hour on the days following the change.

It stated that the change would have no effect on its operations or customer service and that support would continue to be available seven days a week.

Atom’s CEO, Mark Mullen, stated that people have been working for more than 50 years, which equates to multiple marathons, and they are wondering how they can keep their employees engaged and healthy.

They believe that the 20th-century concept of a five-day week is no longer appropriate for 21st-century businesses in many cases.

Its introduction originally allowed for the establishment of the weekend, with all of the benefits that entailed for employees.

Several major corporations are also attempting to implement this in parts of their operations.

Mullen stated that during this pandemic, when everyone is rethinking their way of life, if it makes colleagues more productive, healthier, and, most importantly, happier, then it is truly a success.

Microsoft Japan tried this method as well and was pleased with the results. Sales increased by nearly 40% in 2019.

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