Dar Al Muheet Presents a Workshop Series: “Documenting Heritage: Its Significance and Enjoyment”


Dar Al Muheet Presents a Workshop Series: “Documenting Heritage: Its Significance and Enjoyment”

The workshops focus on introducing participants to the types and stages of documentation and its importance in preserving the identity of societies and their cultural treasures and passing them on to future generations.

Fujairah, 17 July 2023: Dar Al Muheet Publishing House in the Emirate of Fujairah is proud to announce an upcoming workshop series titled “Documenting Heritage: Its Significance and Enjoyment.” The workshops, scheduled from July 24 to 29, will feature renowned researchers and academics, including Ms. Abeer Bashraheel, a distinguished expert in the history and heritage of the Emirates and director of the Memory of Fujairah Project; Dr. Aisha Al Darmaki, an esteemed Omani academic specializing in language semiotics; and Mr. Abdul Wahed Alwani, a respected Syrian writer, educator, and researcher.

The series of workshops will provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the various types and stages of documentation, emphasizing its paramount importance in preserving the identity of societies and their invaluable cultural heritage for future generations.

During the sessions, participants will be introduced to both traditional and modern methods employed by researchers to document and archive the customs, traditions, and heritage of diverse communities. Moreover, the workshops will underscore the significance of accurate and responsible documentation in safeguarding the cultural legacy of societies. Attendees will also gain insights into strategies, mechanisms, and tools essential for conducting meticulous and professional studies as well as documentary research.

Researchers and academics leading the workshops will share invaluable guidelines and advice for individuals interested in documenting folklore. These insights will prove invaluable throughout the archiving processes, facilitating the preservation of the historical and cultural wealth of societies.

“The accurate and professional documentation of popular and historical heritage plays a pivotal role in understanding the historical and social contexts surrounding it. Furthermore, it ensures the preservation of societies’ identities, cultural heritage, and their transmission to future generations and beyond borders. Recognizing the immense importance of this field, we are organizing this workshop series to emphasize the significance of documenting heritage and the experiences researchers encounter during the process of collecting, classifying, preparing, and preserving information. We are delighted to host a group of esteemed researchers and academics who will take us on this remarkable journey into the science of history,” commented Abdul Wahed Alwani, Editor-in-Chief at Dar Al Muheet.

Dar Al Muheet’s vision revolves around spreading knowledge in its deep and broad dimensions, raising awareness of the depth of Emirati culture, and contributing to the development of local and international creative cultural content. The House is interested in archiving Emirati folklore, as preserving the Emirati identity and values is one of its major interests.

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