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 DP World Group opens Over 100 New Freight Forwarding Offices Globally


DP World Group opens Over 100 New Freight Forwarding Offices Globally

Marking significant expansion to cater to the needs of its customers, DP World Group, the UAE-based multinational logistics company, has inaugurated more than 100 new freight forwarding offices in the last eight months around the world. Among them, five are in Egypt in response to a growing market in Egypt for logistics services.

DP World Group said that the five offices have been opened in Cairo, Alexandria, Cairo Airport, Sokhna, and Beni Suef, and plans are underway to open more offices in the coming months.

With businesses seeking increased control over their supply chains, DP World’s expansion comes at a pivotal time for the global logistics and supply chain industry.

“By expanding its freight forwarding offering, with a focus on air and ocean freight, DP World will deploy its ‘toolbox’ of services or capabilities made up of ports, terminals, warehouses, trucks, rail and shipping services to increase control and resilience, supported by proprietary digital technology, whilst also working with complementary partners across the supply chain to boost efficiency,” the company said.

Miami is another office to open its doors, as DP World builds on its end-to-end network of high-value port assets and specialist expertise across ports, trucking, air and ocean freight, customs and warehousing services that spans over 430 business units in 86 countries. 

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Step Change

Beat Simon, Group Chief Commercial Officer, Logistics at DP World, said that their expansion in freight forwarding complements DP World’s end-to-end supply chain solutions and capabilities.

The company’s asset – appropriate approach is a step-change for the freight forwarding industry that puts customers in the driving seat with more visibility and control and giving them confidence to trade in today’s global market, he said.

“As we continue to grow our freight forwarding footprint, we are building a network that will cover more than 90% of global trade. We are focused on densifying our network as we build a best-in-class, strong and resilient global capability,” he added.

DP World Egypt CEO Urs Mall the group aims to build a logistics complex and an operations port in Ain Sokhna during the coming period.

“Dubai Ports is working to invest in developing integrated logistics solutions to support the needs of companies and the growing commercial requirements in Egypt,” he said.

Akash Agrawal, CEO and Executive Vice President of Freight Forwarding in North Africa and the Indian Subcontinent at DP World, the company seeks to simplify logistics operations for customers in Egypt, ensuring that the supply chain process is smooth and efficient.

He explained that by establishing freight forwarding services dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions for air and sea freight, trucking services, customs clearance, and warehousing facilities, and providing a wide range of services under one roof, they can meet the diverse and evolving needs of companies looking to transport goods via different modes of transportation.

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