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 In the year 2021, Abu Dhabi introduced 80 new economic activities


In the year 2021, Abu Dhabi introduced 80 new economic activities

Last year, the Abu Dhabi Business Centre (ADBC), which is part of the Department of Economic Development (ADDED), announced an additional 80 economic activities to increase commercial activity and development.

The new activities include 40 new commercial activities, 25 professional activities, six industrial activities, five agricultural activities, two crafts activities, and two in the tourism sector.

Beekeeping training, reptile and amphibian breeding, non-domesticated bird breeding, aquatic animal breeding, and mammal breeding are all part of the agricultural sector (non-domesticated).

Customs consultancy, military aviation training, data management and cyber security services, gaming quality assurance specialised services, gaming localization services, and farmer training and qualification are among the new professional activities.

Engine cleaning and repair, as well as military ship maintenance, are examples of new crafts and artisan activities.

Television and radio broadcasting via encrypted and open channels, e-sports event management, securities lending and borrowing agency, safe custody of collaterals and mortgages and insurances, general clearing for securities, buying and selling securities for personal accounts, insurance products marketing, certificate of deposit services, securities remote access trading, car mortgage, and social innovation development and administration are examples of new industrial activities.

According to Mohammed Munif Al Mansouri, Executive Director of the Abu Dhabi Business Centre, the new economic activities demonstrate the importance of the business sector in Abu Dhabi, which is expanding in specialised activities. It also demonstrates ADDED’s efforts to make doing business easier, as we continually examine the economic sector to understand market wants and requirements.

Introducing new activities allows entrepreneurs to obtain the appropriate licences to do business and start their ideas, which will benefit commercial activity and economic development in Abu Dhabi.

In the first nine months of 2021, the Dubai economy attracted Dh15.9 billion ($4.3 billion) in foreign direct investment from 378 projects, while its GDP grew by 6.3%.

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