Qatar to Develop 1600 MW Power Plant in Uzbekistan

Qatar to Develop 1600 MW Power Plant in Uzbekistan

Doha-based Nebras Power has been expanding its presence in Central Asia by making with significant investments in various countries in the region. The company’s investment portfolio includes 22 power-generating assets located in eight countries for a total gross installed capacity of 6.79 GW.

Nebras Energy, which is owned by the Government of Qatar, will build, and operate Syrdarya II Combined Cycle Gas Thermal (CCGT) power plant in the central region of Uzbekistan.

The company has already signed a long-term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) in the country and the objective is to build and operate the 1600 MW Syrdarya II Combined Cycle Gas Thermal (CCGT) power plant in Uzbekistan.

With Qatar’s Amir H H Sheikh Tamem bin Hamad Al Thani slated to visit Uzbekistan on Tuesday, the economic ties between both countries are expected to be cemented further.

Executive Director of the Development Strategy Centre in Uzbekistan Eldor Tulyakov said that the Amir’s visit as an important and strategic milestone bringing a quantum leap in the co-operation between Qatar and Uzbekistan.

Tulyakov said that the visit is of great importance to both countries as it would open the way for a comprehensive strategic dialogue on strengthening co-operation in economy, trade, energy, transport, culture, and other vital sectors.

“The talks that will be held between His Highness the Amir and the Uzbek president will give a strong momentum to co-operation, activate agreements and memorandums of understanding (MoUs), and conclude new agreements in all sectors and fields of interest to the two countries,” he added.

Commissioning in 2025

The Syrdarya II project, expected to enter production by the end of 2025 or early 2026, aims to expand Nebras Energy’s global asset portfolio. In addition, it seeks to provide communities and cities across the country with access to a reliable and clean energy source.

The presence in Uzbekistan reaffirms the company’s stature and the role it plays as one of the major energy companies in Central Asian countries.

Nibras Energy is proud to be awarded this opportunity to develop and manage a large-scale power project in Uzbekistan. It also promises to deliver significant technical and project expertise to support and strengthen the country’s power industry.

In its first investment in Uzbekistan, Nebras Power partnered with an international consortium of power companies, including French company EDF (Electricité de France) and Japanese-based Sojitz Corporation and Kyuden Group.

The alliance submitted the winning tender to build and manage the 1600 MW power facility in the region of Syrdarya, which is located approximately 150 km south of the capital city of Tashkent.

Syrdarya II power plant is contracted to provide power to the National Power Grid of Uzbekistan as part of a 25-year off-take agreement. It will be one of the nation’s largest power-generating facilities upon completion and will be instrumental in helping the country meet its growing energy demands from both industry and residential sectors.

Enersok, a newly formed project company, will be tasked with carrying out the construction and management of Syrdarya II. As part of the sales purchase agreement, Nebras will control 33.3% of Enersok, while the remaining shares will be divided amongst EDF, Sojitz and Kyuden.

The building of Syrdarya II will follow international guidelines on sustainability and conservation. Operations and maintenance will also adhere to stringent industry and environmental emission standards and protocols.

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