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 TPAY MOBILE Launches Direct Carrier Billing for PUBG Mobile in Egypt


TPAY MOBILE Launches Direct Carrier Billing for PUBG Mobile in Egypt

TPAY MOBILE, META’s most reliable digital micropayments facilitator, on Tuesday announced the launch of Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) for PUBG MOBILE in Egypt for PUBG gamers, through its partnership with Tencent.

This launch provides gamers in Egypt to easily purchase PUBG MOBILE UC through the official PUBG shop ‘Midasbuy’ and the UC they purchased is promptly added to their PUBG account, TPAY said in a statement.

Thanks to the partnership with Tencent, TPAY also enabled DCB payment for other Tencent games in UAE, Oman & Qatar. The new games include Synced, Undawn, and Whiteout Survival, where gamers can also buy games items via Midasbuy like frost stars and RC without using a credit card by quickly adding the amount to their mobile bill or having it deducted from their credit balance.

Tencent first partnered with TPAY Turkey (Payguru) in May 2019 to avail in-game purchases for PUBG through DCB across all of Turkey’s 3 operators. Later, bank transfers payment was added as another payment method in Turkey, covering 8 banks.

Following this successful partnership, an expansion to offer DCB in MEA, via TPAY’s network connections, took place covering PUBG Mobile and other new games. This partnership will cover expanding more launches across MEA via TPAY’s DCB & DWB network.

MENA is one of the fastest growing regions in gaming in the world, with over 377 million estimated gamers with a projection to reach $5 billion in 2025. This, coupled with the fact that people under the age of 25 make up close to half the population, has resulted in the gaming market seeing significant growth over the past years.

This surge is attracting more international players, both publishers and development companies – into the region – creating an opportunity that TPAY MOBILE hopes to capitalise on in the coming days.

The META region represents a major untapped opportunity for gaming companies around the world. Together with TPAY’s simple but transformative technology and end-to-end solution all game developers can connect to potential of millions of gamers and offer them the most secure, accessible, and seamless payment methods in the region.

Fastest Growth

Işık Uman, TPAY Group CEO, said that the Middle East gaming market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11% from 2023 to 2028, yet companies outside of this region have underestimated its potential – until now.

“Expanding our partnership with one of the largest game publishers, Tencent, will allow the company to reach a much larger audience and further grow their business in this region. This partnership will further reinforce TPAY as being THE CONNECTOR, bringing the unconnected into the digital world,” Uman added.

TPAY serves as the connector, bringing the unconnected into the digital world and aims to connect the entire Middle East, Turkey, and Africa, and make the digital world accessible to all by being the most reliable facilitator for digital micropayments in the region.

TPAY ‘s offerings include a full service, end-to-end solution connects digital service providers to potential of millions of users, simple but transformative technology allows merchants and telecom operators to access and accept payments from consumers in more than 30 countries.

TPAY is a reliable facilitator that eliminates the complexity by simplifying and handling the legal, financial, including the cross-border settlements, and operational processes so our partners can focus on growing further in META with additional revenue channels.

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