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 DP World UAE sign deal for two new Agri-Storage and Processing facilities in Dubai


DP World UAE sign deal for two new Agri-Storage and Processing facilities in Dubai

The DP World UAE on Thursday announced the signing of two new development projects with multinational agricultural commodity processors, strengthening the F&B cluster and capabilities within Jebel Ali in Dubai.

The two new agri-storage and processing facilities will account for an estimated annual trade of $245.03 million, contributing to Dubai’s strategic plan of boosting foreign trade to $540 billion.

These projects are in line with the UAE’s National Food Security Strategy 2051, which aims to achieve zero hunger worldwide by focusing on facilitating global food trade, diversifying food import sources, and identifying alternative supply schemes.

The new integrated quayside facilities will enhance year-round availability and production of essential grains and pulses. The concessions with Adroit Canada and Al Amir Foods in the Jebel Ali Port will ensure a reliable, consistent, and safe agricultural value chain within the region.

As a global trade enabler, DP World’s unique capability to provide infrastructure, connectivity and services is reflected in its vision for development. The agri-facilities will contribute to Dubai’s economic growth and further enhance Jebel Ali’s position as a regional trade hub.

With their presence in the Jebel Ali Port and Jafza, the businesses will benefit significantly from multimodal connectivity, reduced logistics costs, a seamless business environment and access to over 3.5 billion consumers.

The two facilities will be built over a quayside plot of nearly 100,000 sq m, where the companies have leased an area of 61,000 sq m. The project consists of an integrated agri-storage and processing unit.

The signing ceremony was attended by Abdulla bin Damithan, CEO & Managing Director, DP World UAE and Jafza; Yogesh Raipuria, Chief Executive Officer, Adroit Canada; Yasin Abdul Majid Ranani, Managing Director, Al Amir Foods; and other officials from the entities.

DP World UAE’s Food and Agriculture Terminal at the Jebel Ali Port has positioned Dubai as a key gateway for global trade in the F&B sector. Backed by double-digit growth in exports, Dubai’s external foodstuff trade jumped 11% year-on-year to reach $15.52 billion in 2021 compared to $13.99 billion in 2020.

With an estimated investment of $54.45 million, the facilities will have a singular eco-system for bulk silo storage and agri-processing. DP World will also invest in the most versatile and technologically advanced grain and pulses automated material handling and ferrying systems as part of the project. The facilities, scheduled to commence operations in two years, with be expanded further in phases.

Key Contributor to F&B Growth

Abdulla bin Damithan said that DP World has been a key contributor to the growth of the F&B sector. DP World UAE’s vision is always set on achieving the country’s national goals by supporting initiatives such as the National Food Security Strategy 2051.

“In alignment with this, we look forward to amplifying trade for the UAE and the Middle East by enabling agri-trade and through our new developments in the Jebel Ali Port. Our flagship port has continually reaffirmed its leading position as a strategic trade and logistics hub.”

“Once functional, the facilities will certainly take advantage of our capabilities, resulting in sizeable new trade volumes for Dubai and increased investments for the port and the free zone in Jebel Ali. Most importantly, through these projects, we hope to support the ‘Make it in the Emirates’ initiative and Operation 300 billion, which aims to raise the industrial sector’s contribution to $81.68 billion by 2031,” he added.

In his comments, Yogesh Raipuria said: “Our successful collaboration started from our presence in Jafza and continues with our new agri-facility in Jebel Ali. The port’s strategic location, combined with the expertise offered by the company in delivering end-to-end services across the supply chain and our capabilities, will undoubtedly amplify our business.”

Global Gateway

Yasin Abdul Majid Ranani said that the new facility in the Jebel Ali Port will serve as a gateway to the world, expanding their reach and preparing us to meet the demands of the rapidly growing pulses market.

“We look forward to effectively utilising the port’s seamless import and export facilities, extensive logistics network and DP World’s comprehensive digital platforms to expedite our global agri-food and pulse trade, contributing to the F&B trade globally,” he added.

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