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 Dubai’s National Bonds investments increased by 36% to Dh11.89 billion


Dubai’s National Bonds investments increased by 36% to Dh11.89 billion

National Bonds, a Sharia-compliant savings and investment company owned by the Investment Corporation of Dubai allows people to buy bonds and turn that into profit, after some time by gaining annual interests which are usually more than what the banks in UAE offer.

The National Bonds scheme has been initiated with the motto of being “Everyone’s favorite place to Save and Invest”. It recorded a 36 percent increase in investments to Dh11.89 billion in 2021 as consumers increasingly sought to create a financial safety net to protect themselves after the economic uncertainty caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The company reported a 64 percent jump in sales and a 62.4 percent growth in the number of mobile digital savers in 2021. The citizens who have been long-term National Bonds savers with the company since 2006 have earned 64.11 percent in cumulative returns on their savings.

According to Khalifa Al Daboos, chairman of National Bonds’ growth is a direct reflection of the shift in mindsets regarding the habit of saving.

He said that More and more people are going back to the roots of sound and lower risk savings to ensure their financial security.

Mohammed Qasim Al Ali, Group CEO of National Bonds, said that he is very pleased to share the news of the profit distribution of an exceptional year with National Bonds’ savers.

As the global economy gathered pace in 2021, it is encouraging to see bondholders from all segments able to enjoy the benefits of healthy Returns-on-Investment (ROI) with National Bonds.

Last year National Bonds created 8 new millionaires and the customers won Dh36.9 million including sixteen luxury cars as prizes. Since its inception, the company has made 202 millionaires and distributed prizes worth more than Dh695 million.

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