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 Fourteen PJSCs with a capital of $2.52 billion registered with SCA


Fourteen PJSCs with a capital of $2.52 billion registered with SCA

The Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) HAS revealed that 14 private joint stock companies (PJSCs) were registered with the Authority and listed in the country’s capital markets with a total capital of $2.42 billion at the end of last year 2021.

In its annual report for 2021, the SCA said that 13 companies are listed on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX) and one more company “Al Safwa Mubasher Financial Services,” (currently BHM Capital for Financial Services) with a capital of $153.50 million has been listed on the Dubai Financial Market (DFM).

The companies listed on ADX included “Manazil” with a capital of $710 million, “Wahat Al-Zawiya” with a capital of $630 million, “Al Qudra Holding” with a capital of $220.23 million and “Reem Investments” with a capital of $211.68 million.

“Al Qudra Holding” changed its name to “Q Holding,” which later acquired all the shares of “Reem Investments”, and “Wahat Al-Zawiya” and later changed its name to “Anan Investments.”

The other listed PJSCs include are the “National Investor” with a capital of $157.23 million, “Foodco National Foodstuffs” with a capital of $76.23 million and “Al-Seer Marine Equipment and Supplies” with a capital of $54.45 million.

Nomu Market

Last April, the ADX announced the launch of “Nomu Market,” a new brand for the “Second Market” platform, to provide an advanced trading platform that connects investors with private companies, and complements the growing dynamic ecosystem of emerging companies and promising growth companies in Abu Dhabi, as this market provides companies Own access to a wider investor base.

Companies that intend to list in the Nomu Market will have all the support they need throughout the listing process. The market will also provide post-listing support to companies, including access to annual general assembly management services, dividend distribution, and support in institutional communication.

Qualifications for listing in Nomu Market include changing the legal form of the company to a private joint stock company, provided that no less than two years have passed since its establishment, in addition to submitting audited financial statements and listing at least 5% of its cap.


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