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 The price of fuel in the United Arab Emirates fluctuates from month to month


The price of fuel in the United Arab Emirates fluctuates from month to month

On Monday the UAE fuel price committee Monday announced petrol and diesel prices for March 2022 and it was not very pleasant news for the vehicle owners.

The diesel price in the UAE has increased 1.11% than in February 2022. It is 3.190 AED/liter now.
Super 98 petrol will cost Dh3.23 a liter, compared to Dh2.94 a liter in February, while Special 95 will cost Dh3.12 a liter, compared to Dh2.82 a liter the previous month.

Fuelling a vehicle fully could cost an owner now somewhere between Dh160 and Dh240.
Full fuel in a SUV will cost Super 98 Dh239.02,Special 95 Dh230.88 & E-plus Dh225.7. Whereas for compact Cars Super 98 Dh164.73, Special 95 Dh159.12 & E-plus Dh155.55. Similarly seden will cost Super 98 Dh200.26, Special 95 Dh193.44 & E-plus Dh189.1

These prices are the highest price ever since the government liberalized retail fuel prices in August 2015.
According to the UAE government, the subsidies on fuel encourages higher consumption and lower conservation. That is why the UAE liberalized fuel prices so that they can help rationalize fuel consumption.

It was also meant to encourage the use of public transport in the long run, as well as the use of alternative fuels.

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