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 UAE decided to remove the necessity to wear a mask when going outside


UAE decided to remove the necessity to wear a mask when going outside

On Friday, UAE authorities announced that People will no longer have to wear face masks outside and also Close contacts of positive cases no longer have to quarantine, starting from Saturday.

However, people must wear face masks in all public indoor areas, such as shopping malls and schools.

People who know they have been exposed to the virus are now free to leave their homes at any time, but they must take PCR tests for five consecutive days.

In Dubai, close contacts of positive cases who are not experiencing any symptoms do not have to quarantine, and no PCR testing is required.

Daily coronavirus cases in the country have fallen to some 600 from close to 3,000 in January.

The National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority said that Fully-vaccinated passengers arriving in the country will no longer require PCR tests.

They said that for the economic and tourist sectors, physical distancing has been canceled while mask-wearing in closed places is still mandatory.

The government agreed to restore pre-pandemic time gaps between the call to prayer and the iqamah by allowing mosques to distribute a limited number of copies of the Qur’an that must be cleaned after each usage.

The current requirement that worshipers stay at least one meter apart in mosques and other places of worship would be maintained.

All sporting events for all age groups are returning, but a green pass must be presented or a PCR not more than 96 hours old.

Abu Dhabi also dropped a border entry requirement for a negative PCR test for those coming from other UAE emirates.

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